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IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: This login page will soon be decommissioned. DHLs WebShip must be accessed through MyDHL.
Don't delay! Please CLICK HERE to create your MyDHL profile now.
When creating your profile be sure to choose the EXISTING ONLINE SHIPPER option and add your existing WebShip credentials to your MyDHL profile.
What's New?
You will notice that we have made some changes that will reduce the time it takes to complete a shipment.
You can learn more by clicking on the link below.
What are the benefits of having a user profile?
Welcome to DHL's WebShip International

Save time and get better control
-Manage an address book (up to 4000 addresses)
-Access your shipment history
-Manage your user profile
-See your account rates
Take full control of your imports
Import Express Online is designed to facilitate international shipments between importers and shippers.
It enables shippers to prepare shipments and gives importers full control and visibility of their imports.